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Non-destructive measurement of component in fish/meat using near infrared light

Mobile Near-infrared component analyzer

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Non-destructive component measurement irradiating near infrared light (dual wavelength) into the object.
By connecting with PC or mobile PC via USB interface (wired) or Bluetooth (wireless) enables to obtain the signal from each wavelength.
The component of object can be measured based on the first/second differentials of each wavelength.


  • 1. Component analysis by absorption measurement in the near infrared region
  • Non-destructive component measurement irradiating near infrared light (dual wavelength) into the object.

  • 2. Compact and lightweight by ultra small sensor
  • Having wireless connection by Bluetooth to PC or smartphone makes the measurement easy without fixtures such as cables and power supplies.

  • 3. Oil/Fat component analysis of fish/meat
  • Applicable fishes: Trachurus japonicus,chub mackerel, Blackthroat seaperch, Whitespotted conger, Fillet, etc.


(Detection of foreign materials, analysis of sugar content in fruits and fat and oil fat of components in meat and fish)


Item Contents
Wavelength range 640nm~1050nm
Type of detector Near Infrared spectrophotometer
Slit size(mm) 75×750μm
Wavelength resolution (FWHM) 15nm(max.)
Wavelength reproducibility -0.5~+0.5nm
Wavelength temperature dependency -0.05~+0.05nm/℃
Sampling time 20~10,000ms
Input power(λ=850nm) 10E-12 ~10E-7 W
Light source Halogen lamps (x2)
A/D resolution 16bit
Wavelength resolution 2nm
Power supply Battery(5V)
Output data Wavelength, light intensity, first/second differentials
Control method Main unit switch or USB/Bluetooth control
Data transfer USB or Bluetooth
Dimension(mm) / Weight Φ45×129mm(main unit only) / 300g(includes battery)
Applicable environment 5~35℃、humidity 30~80%(no condensation)
Remarks Waterproof sensor cap at main unit
White plate for wavelength calibration included

Software included

PC Software
・Set measurement parameters includes exposure interval time and gain
・Real time graphic display of measured data
・Store measured data in CSV format. Can be processed freely.

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