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A module composed of a photomultiplier tube and a peripheral circuit
The weak light measurement is easily achieved by direct connection to PC through USB

USB Photomultiplier

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Weak light measurement is achieved by the direct connection to PC through USB interface.
USB interface transfers photomultiplier control signal and measurement data.
SMA fiber adaptor is available as an alternative.


  • 1. It will measure the weak light through USB port to the PC
  • The weak light measurement is easily achieved by direct connection to PC through USB interface.

  • 2. Sensor module composed of built-in photomultiplier and signal processing circuit
  • 3. Set the sensitivity and measurement conditions by the control signal to the detector
  • The control signal sets the sampling time (count interval) and outputs the data in analog signal to PC.
    Since the measurement data is provided in CSV format, the further data processing and graphing are possible.


・Weak light measurement such as fluorescence, luminescence and absorption
・Detector module utilized for the optical measuring system


Item Contents
Wavelength range 230nm~700nm
Type of detector / Size(nm) Photomultiplier/Acceptance surface:Φ8.0
PMT Control voltage 0.5~1.0V
PMT Output current 10μA maximum
Signal amplifier Current-to-voltage conversion
Sampling time 100ms
Gain 4,000~5,000,000
Analog-to-digital resolution 24bit
Optical coupling SMA Optical fiber(Removable)
Driving power USB bus power
Output Display Detection light intensity (Current value)
Data transfer Save in the PC via the USB
Dimension(mm) / Weight 30(W)×30(H)×96(D) / 135g
Operating ambient temperature +5~+50℃
Operating ambient humidity 30%~80% (no condensation)

Software included

PC Software
・To set control voltage and the measurement interval.
・Maximum concurrent eight possible measurement. The results show graphs.
・Measurement results will be format of CSV output.

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